Multimedia Round 5 highlights

Independent project

I am glad that I did some Premiere Pro in previous explorations. The beginning of this round was a very busy one. I didn’t get to learn Premiere Pro in the class because I was busy working on Technovation. I and my classmates got an assignment to make a mini video using Premiere Pro. Surprisingly, I did it! I did a short video about “Why I love BTS”. The most important part of this is I got a compliment from Cindy!!! This might be the most remarkable thing ever this round. I never really got a compliment from her but this time, she said that the video was very interesting. This made me really happy. I seriously couldn’t move for a good amount of minutes.  

Not only we did some Premiere Pro, but we also did some independent projects as well. Students were asked to choose a platform or a program we learned before and dig into it. I didn’t choose something I learned before, I chose a new platform that I wanna learn to use and it was actually a good choice. Planner 5d is “ An advanced and easy-to-use 2D/3D home design tool. ” Planner 5d says. Yes, that’s right. I used this platform to design a house. I was thinking of making a very big house however, during the progress, I changed my mind. I didn’t have enough time to do the whole thing. I knew that I will meet the timing problem but I still chose to work on this project because architecture and designing is always my dream by far. Whether it is designing clothes, houses, furniture or infrastructures, I love them all. It basically, means that I am willing to learn more about them in the future.

To design a house in Planner 5d, I tried different buttons and use the tips to help me. There is no specific resource that I use except the website itself. I wandered around for some time and then started the project. I really enjoyed working on it. Now that it ended I kind of miss it. 😢

It was very fruitful and fabulous! I might want to use Planner 5d in the future. As a person that loves designing and visuals, it was a marvellous project.

The project:

Year 2

How I Change Cambodia

Promote and Develop the Possibility of Change:

Disability Exploration

An exploration that Liger gave me was “Disability”. The exploration was divided into two parts, The Disability and the Disability Podcast. The Disability group was working on finding activities to inspire people to learn how people with disability feels. I was not there and I was in the another team which was Disability Podcast. We worked on promoting disability to other people to have a bigger idea of what it really is. There are two facilitators in this explorations. Caro and Sushi. Caro was leading a group called “Disability” and my facilitator was Sushi. Sushi is very good at technology. Sushi is also very good at arts, he knows a lot about drawing, painting, wood carving and a lot more. There were a lot of tasks that he gave us. He led us to do recording and interviewing people outside of Liger to know what their perspectives are about disability and people with disability. On our first day, we practiced a lot with recording and editing our voices. When we are good enough to move to the next stage we continued to work on what topic we wanna share to the world or specifically to Cambodians. Sushi separate us into four groups of three people. Two of them were assigned to work on their podcasts in Khmer and the other two need to publish them in English. Each team only need one main lesson that they wanted to teach people. My team worked on “Mobilituk”. We decided to work on this because we see that mobilituk has abilities to carry people with disability and carry transportations such as motorcycles and bicycles. According to a website called “”, Mobilituk is the world’s first wheelchair accessible tuk-tuk and it is a project that is made by Agile Development Group. Its existence in Phnom Penh, Cambodia make me/myself so proud to have something like this and that I never knew before. I thought that if I don’t know then I think there will be so many people out there that maybe they don’t know as well. Mobilituk is very useful but at the same time not a lot of people know about it yet. My team want to introduce mobilituk to people. We wanted to tell them that we are lucky to have this kind of mobilituk. After, we decided for the idea already, we start working on researching and exploring outside of the classroom. Disability Podcast went on trip to a lot of places. My team went to Agile Development Group to learn about how they make the mobilituk, why did they make it happen/what are their goals in the future and some basic questions like who is the owner of the company, how many projects had Agile created and a lot more.. After interviewing and recording their answers, we put those informations to our Podcast. Our group is responding for making a Podcast in Khmer so that we can share to Cambodians. Finally, the Podcast was published and people will know more about it.

Before this exploration even created, I don’t even use 00.000000001 % of my brain to think about DISABILITY topic. After this exploration created, (During the exploration) I feel positively on my thought that people with disability at least have brain like us, they have cells, they have feelings and if a lot of people hurt them because of their looks or they possibility to do something they will feel bad. I know that I can not stop people from sueing their feelings so why don’t make them happy at least. What I meant is “If, I can’t stop people from hurting their feelings I should do something else.” We know that they embarrassed them because of their look and their actions so why don’t we solve people with disabilities problems too? Maybe something like “Mobilituk”, I know they might not totally appreciate it but they would think about their existence, meanwhile, Mobilituk exist because of them which mean that they are important to the world then they would feel a ton better and warmth to accept what had made for them. Now if that happen, what do you think will happen in the future? Nothing is impossible man! We could invent more and more transportations or devices or even a flying glass that would fly to them without them trying to come by using their wheelchair at all! It is achievable that people will also accept people with disability that they are also part of the EARTH!

The Network

The Network is a play in an acting exploration. An addition to the play, there is will be a performance of what we’ve done so far to the public on the 8th of June. The play provides educations and understandings to people in socials. People use social media to communicate or for finding news and information but what they have never thought of are some essentials questions that this play provide of what the network looks like in the real world or in general. Here are some essentials that my facilitator (Alli) had thought of such as: What information bubble do I live in?, Do the Network really exist in the real world that we are living in?, How do we suppose to behave in the Network?, Could we just insult whoever we want on the Network? What is ‘real’ and when does something virtual become real?, And how does social networks affect our society both positive and negative ways?. While watching our play or performance, we would like you all to think about these kind of question. We hope whoever loves Social Network will understand more about the Network itself and that they would know how useful it is and understanding that people can express their feelings on the Network too. This play is huge, members in the exploration worked really hard to prepare that one play. We’ve divided tasks to do. Some people work on the props that need to be used in the performance, some work on designing the tickets and some work on promoting the play too. Members who needed to act in the play had to remember their scripts of course, we are not able to look at our scripts while the performance, ever!  Overall, We finished our three days of performances successfully! (Hooray) We got really good comments on our shows on those three days. We really appreciate those essential questions that Alli asked us before we started our journey. Now, we know that SNS have a very big impact on our society. Basically, social medias everywhere, and people need to create an account to catch up with the world. By that we also need to know what they are doing now, are they living in reality or in the network. You might hit or kick a person in a reality world but you can also hurt people because of your comments as well, so please be responsible of what you really mean. It really give me an idea like “Why don’t we just build a school and teach people about the impact of Social Media? That would make a lot of sense actually. Finally, I just hope at the end, people will know why do they use network and how to avoid those action of hurting people on the network!

English Lit Round 4 highlights

The theme for round 4 was ‘Happiness’. We looked into how can people achieve happiness. We read many articles about happiness to learn how people define happiness. Furthermore, we have made some poems on the topic of ‘Happiness’ as well. People define happiness in different ways and for me, I will be happy when I smile a lot if that makes sense. Take a look at my poems about happiness. Whatever I think happiness is, I express it as the poems. Writing poems is challenging since it is not what I usually do but it is fun and I might do them often when I am free.

Poem No.1

Type of poetry: “Golden Shovel” poetry

Striking line: “Stop runnin’ for nothin’ my friend” from BTS – Paradise

In a marathon, you run to reach an end, you call it the ‘self reward’. 42.195 km! Life is long, take it slow. “Hwis”, people aiming for the same future.

You see no sceneries at all until you stop

and take a look, then you realize that every breath you take is already in the ‘paradise’. After all, you do you! Because of cheerleaders, you are runnin’

toward the ‘borrowed’ dream. They might be saying ‘She is slow, He is fast’. There is no rule, there is no law to when you are supposed to finish for.

Listening to all the swears, living in the nightmare gives you nothin’

but distractions from you to doing what you want to do. Swimming in the water without being wet is my

dream, and it might sound crazy, but I gotta do what I think I want to do and not what my friend

… you say, want me to do.


Poem No.2

Type of poetry: Found Poetry

Inspired by: “Into The Magic Shop” – James R. Doty (Honorable mention: BTS – Magic Shop)

Premonition, be careful. Go to a Magic shop, the psychodramatic technique, then exchange your fears for attitude. In the meantime, when you are alone. Unlock the door in your heart and there you see happiness. Just like what the seller said, “Lesson one, open the door in your heart.”.

People ask themselves, “Brain or Heart?” Their choice! However, only the combinations are better. Healthier, happier, express love and kindness toward others. “Should I continue this, it doesn’t affect anyone anyways.”. You are the reason someone else is OKay. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know but life is precious, don’t let it go.


Multimedia Round 4 highlight

Just as the previous round, we learn and review functions about Python coding. Programming is not what I would do in my free time but this round is actually pretty special for me because I got to do some challenging independent projects! Take a look at the projects I did!

Password Generator! ( Have a password that is not strong enough? Want some good random password? This is the right program for you! )

Friendship Calculator! ( I know you have best friends and best friends forever and stuff. Wanna know how are you guys doing in this friendship calculator? Test it out! )

Secret Message (Encrypting Message) ( Encrypt your text and send to your friend without other knowing your messages!! )

Secret Message 2 (Decrypting Message) ( Once you sent the encrypted code to your friends, they gotta know the key and decrypt your message to understand what you mean, and you can use this! )

Because I am not used to doing this kind of coding (I do block code a lot more), there are a lot of problems that I faced while doing these projects. A lot of them comes from the way I write the code, I missed some syntax or used the wrong ones. When I couldn’t figure out why the code is doing what it’s doing, I’d ask my friends. They are very helpful, a lot of times when I tried my best and could not fix it, they help me. Overall, it was a great experience with coding.

STEM Round 4

STEM was a very productive class. I learned a lot. PH, Solution, Motion and Force, they are very useful for our everyday life. PH is most important for our health. Because what we eat everyday for example fruits and vegetables have their level of Base and Acid, medicines as well. Lemon, for example, is very high in Acid and clothes washing powder is very high in Base. The human body shouldn’t lean too much on either side, we should be neutral or around there. Beside what inside us and what is a part of our body, Motion and Force are also apart of our everyday activity. They are actually not as complex as it sounds to me! What is complex about it though is how to describe it. “Motion is active” and “Force is a push or pulls applied to objects.”. That will we what I’m gonna remember about them for the rest of my life. I’m a little sad because I only got to learn 2 hours per week but it was fun and educational. I hope in the future I got to learn 4 hours a week.

Math Round 4!!

My favourite subject is not math however I do think that math is really important. In our everyday life, we use math!! I am grateful to have good resources to learn about percentages, ratios or even numbers. My math class was learning fast. It was a challenge to catch up with the speed. Only a few people of the class probably have learned what we learn this round even before they came here. So it was not really a challenge for them to re-learn it in a different language but it was a challenge for a lot of us.

A lot of things happened this round, I had to catch up with the speed, I have to work on Technovation and catch up some works for other classes because I miss a lot. More importantly, I was sick when I was not supposed to!! I have my schedules planned and prepared and then I can’t manage it because I’m sick. It’s really stressful sometimes…. These are what I got from learning math this round.

For the next round, I’m gonna be more healthy, when I’m healthy I could literally be the most productive me ever. I don’t really have any plans for the next round but I hope to be able to catch up with the lessons but also making sure that I’m not stressing myself out. BTW… I love the celebration of knowledge day, I learn a lot from my mistakes.


Indigenous Community Round 2 ( Ex #3)

           The goal of this Exploration is to promote Indigenous culture to Cambodia and create awareness to prevent extinction of indigenous cultures. This is the second indigenous community exploration but it is my third exploration. We divided ourselves (15 students) into two groups. Even though we only divided ourselves into two groups, we all have a different task to do, we all know what we needed to focus on. We all have a different theme and I’ll get into that later.

            On the first two weeks, we reviewed our skills such as writing, interviewing, editing and those are the skills that we will have to achieve at the end of this exploration. Education and understanding about indigenous are important and is one of the goals for this project, however, it will be not as useful as having the skills I mentioned above, and our facilitator knows well. In order to create videos, book and some articles, we went on trips to Preah Vihear and Kraches. Oh, and our focuses are Kui and Stieng indigenous groups, with that being said, we first went to visit Stieng indigenous group in Kraches province. We arrived at late night around 8 so we did not do anything interesting and just chilled a little and went to our own dreamlands!! The next day as mentioned that we are in Stieng community, we walked around started interviewing for the articles and took some videos. Oh, video group was making videos about Stieng Indigenous group while the Book Team was working on a book about Kui Indigenous group in Cambodia.

              There are some exceptions as well. Because we did not have any performance for Stieng community the one that is responsible for music and performance of Stieng was changed to be in charge of Kui’s instead and so on… *I am that person LOL*

After we finished our work in the Stieng community, we went on to Kui’s community in Preah Vihear!! I was exciting I have to say. People are really welcoming there. Then we came back, we worked on what we have to do A.K.A editing or writings.

              The most exciting part of this exploration for me is that I got to learn how to edit videos, it is hard for me because editing video is just……NOT MY THING!!! I’d actually rather choose swimming over editing to be honest (Consider that I really dislike swimming 🙁 ) I also got to learn some words in Stieng too which makes me think that I pretty smart at learning languages 😉 *I’m proud of me*). Anyways, back to what we were doing. After we kind of finalized the videos and the book, we went back to Kui community to check the content, and to show them our videos about Stieng *mine is horrible btw but at least I did it*. After we did what we planned to do we went back. Now, NO. I will never forget this part of the last trip. We actually got to visit and learn about Somboupreykuk Temple!!! It was an amazing experience because it was my first time being there and because I learned a lot too! In conclusion, I love the whole experience of this 7-week. I am so prepared for my next Exploration as well!!!



Khmer Round 3

                ភាសាខ្មែរលើកនេះ ខ្ញុំរៀនភាគច្រើនអំពីវេយ្យករណ៍នានា ។​​ តាមការពិតទៅខ្ញុំមិនសូវជាចូលចិត្តរៀនវេយ្យករណ៍ប៉ុន្មាននោះទេ ក៏​ប៉ុន្តែ បន្ទាប់ពីបានរៀនវេយ្យករណ៍ខ្មែរហើយ ខ្ញុំយល់ថាមុខវិជ្ជានេះគឺពិតជាគួរឱ្យចាប់អារម្មណ៍ដែរអីតើស! ខ្ញុំយល់ដឺងច្រើនណាស់អំពីវា ។ ក្រៅពីការរៀនវេយ្យាករណ៍ លោកគ្រូសុខា ក៏បង្កើតឱ្យមានការបង្ហាញសម្មតិភាពផ្សេងៗជាដើម (ប្រារព្ធនៅក្នុងថ្នាក់ យកពេលវេលាដែលត្រូវរៀនខ្លះ) ។ ខ្ញុំគិតថាវាជាគំនិតល្អដែរ ក៏ប៉ុន្តែ ខ្ញុំដូចជាមិនសូវជាចង់ចូលរួមនោះទេ!  ពីព្រោះអី ខ្ញុំមិនសូវជាជឿជាក់លើសម្មតិភាពខ្លូនឯង ។​ តែទោះជាយ៉ាងណាក៏ដោយ​ ក៏ខ្ញុំគិតថានឹងចូលរួមនៅពេលណាមួយជាពុំខាន ។​

ផ្នែកវេយ្យករណ៍ដែលខ្ញុំបានរៀនមានដូចជា ៖

១)​ សព្វនាម

២) ធ្នាក់ និង​ នាម

៣) ល្បះទោល

៤) គុណនាម

៥) គុណកិរិយា

៦) ល្បះកត្តុ និងកម្ម

៧) ល្បះផ្សំ

៨) ឈ្នាប់

៩) ឧទានស័ព្ទ

ព្រមទាំង ភាសាខ្មែរ​ និង​អត្ថន័យពាក្យបណ្ដាំរបស់បណ្ឌិតធន់ជ័យផងដែរ ។

Math round 3

My highlights of round 3 math are:

I’ve learned and understood about multiplying, adding, subtracting and dividing decimals.

Pictures from

I did the ‘celebration of knowledge’ a.k.a ‘test’ and didn’t get a full score but it is OK. I have learned from my mistake. The problem was about rounding decimals and yet, I confused the decimals places. After I lost two points, I remember exactly now what place is where.

Photo from Varsity Tutors

Last but not least, Finding the volume of a rectangular prism. What I really remember and what I think I should remember is:

Volume: W * L * H

10 x 4 x 5 cuboid

A rectangular prism with a volume of 200 m3.

Photo from


Multimedia 3

In this round, I have learned a lot about Python ( a computer programing language ) and my teacher gave me two assignments that needed to be done to test my knowledge and understanding of lessons *To test if I ever focus in class ;)*. Honestly, I got a headache doing those assignments, I kept looking back and forth the ‘information slide’ that my facilitator ( Cindy ) sent to me!.

Actually, she did not only taught me about for loop and while loop but it is my highlight so I only write about them for this post.

The first assignment was about for loop,

in the assignment, I was just doing fine until problem number 4, where I have to find some help. At last, I found my housemates and they helped me out. They told me I forgot about the break statement!!! I did not break the code after it prints out the “know, isn’t a prime number.”. So by this mistake, I learned something I should had thought while doing the exercise.

Another assignment is more advanced to me, it took me a lot-lot more time to finish especially exercise four. I first followed the instruction but then I decided to try out giving clue when guessing and it did not work the way I wanted because of indentation. Then my teacher helped me out and explained to me why my code didn’t work the way I wanted it to be. Now that I really think about the whole experience ( round ). I really need to have someone to help me when I’m struggling and luckily my friends and my teachers are always there!

For my Information,

I have learned about

  1. Booleans ( True or false a data type, __ is __, ___ is not ___)
  2. Comparisons ( Yup, I copied from the slide but well…………………… It is for my information 😉 )
  • Equals: a == b
  • Not Equals: a != b
  • Less than: a < b
  • Less than or equal to: a <= b
  • Greater than: a > b
  • Greater than or equal to: a >= b
  1. If statement
  • Indentation
  • Elif statement
  • Else statement
  1. For loop
  • Break statement
  • Continue statement
  • Range function
  1. Nested loop ( Loop inside another loop )


  1. While loop
  • Condition
  • Action