Multimedia Class

For one round, there are 7 weeks but because STEM and Multimedia class is scheduled to be in the same our. This round, we only got 3 weeks of learning Multimedia/Technology and 4 weeks on STEM. In the Multimedia class, for a week, we learn 4 days and each day of those days for one hour. In Round 1 Multimedia class, we learn to use some Adobe software to get into the basic useful usage of that software. The programmes are; InDesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom. I learn to use those programmes from some of my friends at Liger and I was taught in the multimedia class during the hours. Cindy, my facilitator of the class taught us about researching and how to get information from the internet to the closest answers as for how we wanted it to be, and to decide whether the source where we get the information from is reliable or not!  We also learn about primary sources and secondary sources as well! After learning about each of them, we did some activities to strengthen our knowledge about the topics above (The programmes, researching and practiced with primary sources and secondary sources). Oh! We learn about the algorithm and a method called “Divide and Conquer” too. That’s about all from this round…

The photo is edited. Here are the links to the original pictures’ sources. 

Original Photo of Photoshop Icon

Original Photo of Lightroom Icon

Original Photo of InDesign Icon

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