English Lit Round 4 highlights

The theme for round 4 was ‘Happiness’. We looked into how can people achieve happiness. We read many articles about happiness to learn how people define happiness. Furthermore, we have made some poems on the topic of ‘Happiness’ as well. People define happiness in different ways and for me, I will be happy when I smile a lot if that makes sense. Take a look at my poems about happiness. Whatever I think happiness is, I express it as the poems. Writing poems is challenging since it is not what I usually do but it is fun and I might do them often when I am free.

Poem No.1

Type of poetry: “Golden Shovel” poetry

Striking line: “Stop runnin’ for nothin’ my friend” from BTS – Paradise

In a marathon, you run to reach an end, you call it the ‘self reward’. 42.195 km! Life is long, take it slow. “Hwis”, people aiming for the same future.

You see no sceneries at all until you stop

and take a look, then you realize that every breath you take is already in the ‘paradise’. After all, you do you! Because of cheerleaders, you are runnin’

toward the ‘borrowed’ dream. They might be saying ‘She is slow, He is fast’. There is no rule, there is no law to when you are supposed to finish for.

Listening to all the swears, living in the nightmare gives you nothin’

but distractions from you to doing what you want to do. Swimming in the water without being wet is my

dream, and it might sound crazy, but I gotta do what I think I want to do and not what my friend

… you say, want me to do.


Poem No.2

Type of poetry: Found Poetry

Inspired by: “Into The Magic Shop” – James R. Doty (Honorable mention: BTS – Magic Shop)

Premonition, be careful. Go to a Magic shop, the psychodramatic technique, then exchange your fears for attitude. In the meantime, when you are alone. Unlock the door in your heart and there you see happiness. Just like what the seller said, “Lesson one, open the door in your heart.”.

People ask themselves, “Brain or Heart?” Their choice! However, only the combinations are better. Healthier, happier, express love and kindness toward others. “Should I continue this, it doesn’t affect anyone anyways.”. You are the reason someone else is OKay. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know but life is precious, don’t let it go.


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