Multimedia Round 4 highlight

Just as the previous round, we learn and review functions about Python coding. Programming is not what I would do in my free time but this round is actually pretty special for me because I got to do some challenging independent projects! Take a look at the projects I did!

Password Generator! ( Have a password that is not strong enough? Want some good random password? This is the right program for you! )

Friendship Calculator! ( I know you have best friends and best friends forever and stuff. Wanna know how are you guys doing in this friendship calculator? Test it out! )

Secret Message (Encrypting Message) ( Encrypt your text and send to your friend without other knowing your messages!! )

Secret Message 2 (Decrypting Message) ( Once you sent the encrypted code to your friends, they gotta know the key and decrypt your message to understand what you mean, and you can use this! )

Because I am not used to doing this kind of coding (I do block code a lot more), there are a lot of problems that I faced while doing these projects. A lot of them comes from the way I write the code, I missed some syntax or used the wrong ones. When I couldn’t figure out why the code is doing what it’s doing, I’d ask my friends. They are very helpful, a lot of times when I tried my best and could not fix it, they help me. Overall, it was a great experience with coding.

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