Math Round 4!!

My favourite subject is not math however I do think that math is really important. In our everyday life, we use math!! I am grateful to have good resources to learn about percentages, ratios or even numbers. My math class was learning fast. It was a challenge to catch up with the speed. Only a few people of the class probably have learned what we learn this round even before they came here. So it was not really a challenge for them to re-learn it in a different language but it was a challenge for a lot of us.

A lot of things happened this round, I had to catch up with the speed, I have to work on Technovation and catch up some works for other classes because I miss a lot. More importantly, I was sick when I was not supposed to!! I have my schedules planned and prepared and then I can’t manage it because I’m sick. It’s really stressful sometimes…. These are what I got from learning math this round.

For the next round, I’m gonna be more healthy, when I’m healthy I could literally be the most productive me ever. I don’t really have any plans for the next round but I hope to be able to catch up with the lessons but also making sure that I’m not stressing myself out. BTW… I love the celebration of knowledge day, I learn a lot from my mistakes.