Multimedia Round 5 highlights

Independent project

I am glad that I did some Premiere Pro in previous explorations. The beginning of this round was a very busy one. I didn’t get to learn Premiere Pro in the class because I was busy working on Technovation. I and my classmates got an assignment to make a mini video using Premiere Pro. Surprisingly, I did it! I did a short video about “Why I love BTS”. The most important part of this is I got a compliment from Cindy!!! This might be the most remarkable thing ever this round. I never really got a compliment from her but this time, she said that the video was very interesting. This made me really happy. I seriously couldn’t move for a good amount of minutes.  

Not only we did some Premiere Pro, but we also did some independent projects as well. Students were asked to choose a platform or a program we learned before and dig into it. I didn’t choose something I learned before, I chose a new platform that I wanna learn to use and it was actually a good choice. Planner 5d is “ An advanced and easy-to-use 2D/3D home design tool. ” Planner 5d says. Yes, that’s right. I used this platform to design a house. I was thinking of making a very big house however, during the progress, I changed my mind. I didn’t have enough time to do the whole thing. I knew that I will meet the timing problem but I still chose to work on this project because architecture and designing is always my dream by far. Whether it is designing clothes, houses, furniture or infrastructures, I love them all. It basically, means that I am willing to learn more about them in the future.

To design a house in Planner 5d, I tried different buttons and use the tips to help me. There is no specific resource that I use except the website itself. I wandered around for some time and then started the project. I really enjoyed working on it. Now that it ended I kind of miss it. 😢

It was very fruitful and fabulous! I might want to use Planner 5d in the future. As a person that loves designing and visuals, it was a marvellous project.

The project:

Multimedia Round 4 highlight

Just as the previous round, we learn and review functions about Python coding. Programming is not what I would do in my free time but this round is actually pretty special for me because I got to do some challenging independent projects! Take a look at the projects I did!

Password Generator! ( Have a password that is not strong enough? Want some good random password? This is the right program for you! )

Friendship Calculator! ( I know you have best friends and best friends forever and stuff. Wanna know how are you guys doing in this friendship calculator? Test it out! )

Secret Message (Encrypting Message) ( Encrypt your text and send to your friend without other knowing your messages!! )

Secret Message 2 (Decrypting Message) ( Once you sent the encrypted code to your friends, they gotta know the key and decrypt your message to understand what you mean, and you can use this! )

Because I am not used to doing this kind of coding (I do block code a lot more), there are a lot of problems that I faced while doing these projects. A lot of them comes from the way I write the code, I missed some syntax or used the wrong ones. When I couldn’t figure out why the code is doing what it’s doing, I’d ask my friends. They are very helpful, a lot of times when I tried my best and could not fix it, they help me. Overall, it was a great experience with coding.

Multimedia round 3

In this round, I have learned a lot about Python ( a computer programing language ) and my teacher gave me two assignments that needed to be done to test my knowledge and understanding of lessons *To test if I ever focus in class ;)*. Honestly, I got a headache doing those assignments, I kept looking back and forth the ‘information slide’ that my facilitator ( Cindy ) sent to me!.

Actually, she did not only taught me about for loop and while loop but it is my highlight so I only write about them for this post.

The first assignment was about for loop,

in the assignment, I was just doing fine until problem number 4, where I have to find some help. At last, I found my housemates and they helped me out. They told me I forgot about the break statement!!! I did not break the code after it prints out the “know, isn’t a prime number.”. So by this mistake, I learned something I should had thought while doing the exercise.

Another assignment is more advanced to me, it took me a lot-lot more time to finish especially exercise four. I first followed the instruction but then I decided to try out giving clue when guessing and it did not work the way I wanted because of indentation. Then my teacher helped me out and explained to me why my code didn’t work the way I wanted it to be. Now that I really think about the whole experience ( round ). I really need to have someone to help me when I’m struggling and luckily my friends and my teachers are always there!

For my Information,

I have learned about

  1. Booleans ( True or false a data type, __ is __, ___ is not ___)
  2. Comparisons ( Yup, I copied from the slide but well…………………… It is for my information 😉 )
  • Equals: a == b
  • Not Equals: a != b
  • Less than: a < b
  • Less than or equal to: a <= b
  • Greater than: a > b
  • Greater than or equal to: a >= b
  1. If statement
  • Indentation
  • Elif statement
  • Else statement
  1. For loop
  • Break statement
  • Continue statement
  • Range function
  1. Nested loop ( Loop inside another loop )


  1. While loop
  • Condition
  • Action