Khmer Children’s Literature

Portfolios Round 1&2 Year 4

Changes start from small to big

All photos are taken by Chornson

Exploration was facilitated by Sam and Rithy


Khmer Children’s Literature is a project that gives students a chance to learn about reading at a young age, be involved in writing and publishing books, and practising creative designing skills. In the span of 14 weeks, we were able to write six books, each of those for one Liger core values. Those books are not just any books but are children’s books because there are not enough Cambodian children books out there. By publishing these books, we hope to inspire kids at an early age to read because it is important. In fact, reading at an early age is proven to increase fluency in reading and expand vocabulary skills according to numerous studies, including one from


As a developing country, Cambodia needs and should focus on reinforcing its education. As of now, only about 77 percent of netizens age above 14 are literated. By publishing children’s books, we are providing attract the generation to focus on reading and that could make a huge difference towards the community in general. If kids are educated from an early age, they will have the ability to learn things faster and become more comfortable in learning new materials. Not only that, when they get older, reading at an early age, kids will develop a habit of reading and it will surely benefit them in the future. Just as kids are educated, countries will also develop.


One part of the process is to spread the message from the books. With that, we went to a few trips to read our books to kids. 

  1. Bambujaya

Personally, throughout the trips, there are many things that I’ve learned. However, there’s a thing I discovered about me that I unfolded. It is that ‘I LOVE sharing’. Actually, it isn’t related to the goal of the trip at all in my opinion. However, I believe it’s a good point to raise up. Since I’m an introverted person, I tend to not talk often or show affection toward others in general. I often do not find sharing my opinions or products or anything useful. I’m afraid that the listeners don’t like it. It was a little pressure for me to share a story with kids and it was always hard with others. On the other hand, it was a different experience! The kids were really humble, quiet and focused which made me less worried about myself and made me really happy to share the story with them. In conclusion, I didn’t just learn the materials provided, I also learn things about myself and that made me happy about the exploration in general. 

2. Cambodian Readers and Writers’ Festival

In this trip, my team was able to share our stories to others including authors from other countries and neighbours living near the area where the event took place. We gathered in a small casual house where an artist displays her painted life story. After reading aloud to people, we had a conversation with them about reading, writing and general information. Not only that, we went to a small concert that showcased talented Cambodian women artists out there. They sang and danced. To be honest, I really enjoyed the concert –it was one of the highlights for sure.