Indigenous Community Round 2 ( Ex #3)

           The goal of this Exploration is to promote Indigenous culture to Cambodia and create awareness to prevent extinction of indigenous cultures. This is the second indigenous community exploration but it is my third exploration. We divided ourselves (15 students) into two groups. Even though we only divided ourselves into two groups, we all have a different task to do, we all know what we needed to focus on. We all have a different theme and I’ll get into that later.

            On the first two weeks, we reviewed our skills such as writing, interviewing, editing and those are the skills that we will have to achieve at the end of this exploration. Education and understanding about indigenous are important and is one of the goals for this project, however, it will be not as useful as having the skills I mentioned above, and our facilitator knows well. In order to create videos, book and some articles, we went on trips to Preah Vihear and Kraches. Oh, and our focuses are Kui and Stieng indigenous groups, with that being said, we first went to visit Stieng indigenous group in Kraches province. We arrived at late night around 8 so we did not do anything interesting and just chilled a little and went to our own dreamlands!! The next day as mentioned that we are in Stieng community, we walked around started interviewing for the articles and took some videos. Oh, video group was making videos about Stieng Indigenous group while the Book Team was working on a book about Kui Indigenous group in Cambodia.

              There are some exceptions as well. Because we did not have any performance for Stieng community the one that is responsible for music and performance of Stieng was changed to be in charge of Kui’s instead and so on… *I am that person LOL*

After we finished our work in the Stieng community, we went on to Kui’s community in Preah Vihear!! I was exciting I have to say. People are really welcoming there. Then we came back, we worked on what we have to do A.K.A editing or writings.

              The most exciting part of this exploration for me is that I got to learn how to edit videos, it is hard for me because editing video is just……NOT MY THING!!! I’d actually rather choose swimming over editing to be honest (Consider that I really dislike swimming 🙁 ) I also got to learn some words in Stieng too which makes me think that I pretty smart at learning languages 😉 *I’m proud of me*). Anyways, back to what we were doing. After we kind of finalized the videos and the book, we went back to Kui community to check the content, and to show them our videos about Stieng *mine is horrible btw but at least I did it*. After we did what we planned to do we went back. Now, NO. I will never forget this part of the last trip. We actually got to visit and learn about Somboupreykuk Temple!!! It was an amazing experience because it was my first time being there and because I learned a lot too! In conclusion, I love the whole experience of this 7-week. I am so prepared for my next Exploration as well!!!



Precious Plastic

Facilitator: Sushi.

What we did in the exploration;

  • Week 1: Learning about how humans make plastics, What are the ingredient and the process of making plastic products. Different techniques for making different plastic productions in factories.
  • Week 2: Went to Siem Reap, we went to Rehash trash and Naga Earth.
  • Learning about Types of plastics (Recycling, what we use it for)
  • Plastic Machines (Shredder, Compression, Injection, Extrusion) for more information visit Precious’s website
  • Meta House Visiting (Artworks)

Multimedia Class

For one round, there are 7 weeks but because STEM and Multimedia class is scheduled to be in the same our. This round, we only got 3 weeks of learning Multimedia/Technology and 4 weeks on STEM. In the Multimedia class, for a week, we learn 4 days and each day of those days for one hour. In Round 1 Multimedia class, we learn to use some Adobe software to get into the basic useful usage of that software. The programmes are; InDesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom. I learn to use those programmes from some of my friends at Liger and I was taught in the multimedia class during the hours. Cindy, my facilitator of the class taught us about researching and how to get information from the internet to the closest answers as for how we wanted it to be, and to decide whether the source where we get the information from is reliable or not!  We also learn about primary sources and secondary sources as well! After learning about each of them, we did some activities to strengthen our knowledge about the topics above (The programmes, researching and practiced with primary sources and secondary sources). Oh! We learn about the algorithm and a method called “Divide and Conquer” too. That’s about all from this round…

The photo is edited. Here are the links to the original pictures’ sources. 

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