STEM Round 4

STEM was a very productive class. I learned a lot. PH, Solution, Motion and Force, they are very useful for our everyday life. PH is most important for our health. Because what we eat everyday for example fruits and vegetables have their level of Base and Acid, medicines as well. Lemon, for example, is very high in Acid and clothes washing powder is very high in Base. The human body shouldn’t lean too much on either side, we should be neutral or around there. Beside what inside us and what is a part of our body, Motion and Force are also apart of our everyday activity. They are actually not as complex as it sounds to me! What is complex about it though is how to describe it. “Motion is active” and “Force is a push or pulls applied to objects.”. That will we what I’m gonna remember about them for the rest of my life. I’m a little sad because I only got to learn 2 hours per week but it was fun and educational. I hope in the future I got to learn 4 hours a week.