My Favorite Things To Do!


Hello everyone! My name is Kakrona S. I am a student at the Liger Leadership Academy. I was born in Kratie province, Cambodia. I am currently living at the Liger Leadership Academy campus, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. At Liger, we do lots and lots of stuff. Things that I love to do the most are; Dancing (Khmer dance and Hip-Hop dance), Singing, Drawing, Painting, specifically, ARTS. I also love listening to music and slow rock might be one of my favorite genre of music! Music makes me feel relax and happy! Because I love music, I hope to learn some musical instruments. My top favorite musical instrument is SAXOPHONE but I an learning guitar! The thing is that I used to dream of being a saxophone star! 🤣 Not really sure why, but saxophone stars look just so amazing while playing saxophones. Besides music, painting and drawing really make me feel unfrustrated and joyful as well! My favorite types of painting are digital painting, watercolor painting, and texture painting. While drawing, I love to do realistic, abstract, creative, stylize and cartoon or anime kind of drawing, digital drawing is hard for me but I am also learning it. At last, I think art is an important piece in my heart. ✨✨

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